Shanklin A27A Heat Sealer w/ T71 Shrink Tunnel Shrink Wrapping System – 062124483004C

Model: T71
S/N: T14078-01

Model: A27A
S/N: A13042-01

Shanklin Automatic L Sealer A27A

Shanklin Automatic L Sealer A27A  features adjustable height seal jaws and can automatically wrap a wide range of products, including high profile or short length items, at speeds up to 35 packages per minute with slightly larger allowances in its maximum seal size, product size, and film width specifications. EZ film threading is standard on the A-27A, which allows operators to move machine components for full access and visibility when threading film. The machine offers gentle product feed and straight line product flow that make them ideally suited for handling a wide variety of products. Shanklin A-27 feature conveyor-fed automatic operation and are capable of processing up to 35 packages per minute, plus the L-Seal design provides great flexibility and quick product change. Each will accept randomly spaced product, fed either automatically or by hand. The A-27A is also available in a USDA approved model.


  • Reliable
  • Flexible
  • Versatile
  • Safe And Secure
  • Easy To Use And Maintain


  • Power supply: 230V/15A/1ph
  • Sealing Area: 21″W x 33″L
  • Max Product Height: 8″
  • Min. Product Length: 4″/2.75″ with optional closing conveyor
  • Sealing Type: Hot Knife Jaws/SmartWire
  • Max. Packing Speed: 35/min
  • Max. Centerfold film: 30″

Shanklin T-71 Shrink Tunnel 

The Shanklin T-71 Shrink Tunnel Is A High Speed Performer Engineered For Your Most Demanding Applications. Shanklin T-71 Shrink Tunnel has been designed to perform Shrinking high volume, heat absorptive surfaces and/or irregular shaped packages with ease. A longer single chamber increases shrink capacity at higher speeds, and the fully controllable air temperature and velocity allow you to customize shrinking conditions to the application.


  • Features a longer (60″) single chamber tunnel to facilitate increased shrinking capacity at higher speeds.
  • Powerful hot air system keeps pace with the most demanding use.
  • Fast – Conveyor speeds from 25 to 150 feet per minute.

Shanklin T71 Shrink Tunnel is fully equipped with the following:


  • Main power circuit breaker
  • Tunnel on/off switch
  • Conveyor start/stop switch
  • Conveyor variable speed control
  • Main and top air velocity controls

Safety features

  • Motor overload protection
  • High temperature limit switch
  • Main power circuit breaker
  • Emergency stop switches


Tunnel passage 10″ high x 22″ wide x 60″ long
Tunnel size 36″ wide x 68 1/2″ high x 92″ long
Conveyor height 29″ minimum 42″ maximum
Conveyor lengths 92″ long standard
Power 230 Volts/3 Phase/53 Amps
Conveyor speeds Variable from 25 to 150 ft./min.
Blower motor 1 1/2 hp/3 Phase

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