Secap Jet 1 Tabbing System – 070124455008A

Model: STD

S/N: 0206 339

The Secap® Jet 1 Tabber applies wafer seals, postage and presort stamps, pressure sensitive labels, repositional notes/post-it notes, and foil seals to a wide variety of media including newsletters, double postcards, small catalogs, tri-fold brochures and self mailers. Eliminates the tedious task of manually affixing labels and tabs. Works in-line or off-line at production speeds up to 30,000 pieces/hr. The Secap® Jet 1 Tabber gets the job done fast and complies with the USPS regulations for tabbing open-ended mail to qualify for automation compatible discounts, while producing neat and professional looking pieces.


1. Compatible Unit Works In-Line or Off-Line Works with a wide range of feeders, conveyors and inkjet print systems. Optional shelf with convenient working height supports table top feeder for stand alone operation.

2. High Production Tabbing with Precise Application Transport deck and belts are designed for high production. Tab left side or right side; single, double, triple tabs. Production speeds with accurate, consistent placement.

3. Available in Standard or Wide Head Configuration Tabber is shown above in wide head configuration which accommodates 4” wide adhesive media (required for repositional note application or large labels). Standard head shown on front.

4. Simple Controls and Easy to Use Front panel controls are easy to use and make it simple to set up as well as switch between applications.

5. Durable and Reliable Heavy duty construction for durability and improved product life. Adjustable and transportable base moves easily for in-line or offline use.


  • Commercial Printers
  • Pro Mailers
  • Fulfillment Houses
  • Anyone needing to seal open-ended media at production speeds


  • Production Rate:
  • Single Tab: Up to 30,000 pieces/hr.
  • Double Tab: Up to 24,000 pieces/hr.
  • Triple Tab: Up to 18,000 pieces/hr. (based on 8.5” length product)
  • Transport Belt: 0 to 600 ft./min. (for tabs <2” pitch) 0 to 375 ft./min (for tabs >2” pitch)
  • Tabbing Head: 0 to 375 ft./min.


  • Size
  • Minimum: 3” x 5”
  • Maximum: 13.5” x 17”
  • Thickness: Minimum: 20# single sheet Maximum: 5/8”
  • Stock: Coated, bond, recycled, card


  • Types: Tabs (single, double, triple), wafer seals, labels, stamps, repositional notes, customized stickers, scratchoffs, machine grade paper and adhesive, clear, translucent, unperfed, vertical perfed.
  • Note: Clear and translucent tabs require an “engineered backer” with registration marks for indexing.
  • Roll Size: Up to 19.5” diameter mounted on a 3” core, up to 50,000 3/4” tabs , 40,000 1” tabs, 12,500 1-1/2” tabs or 9,000 2” tabs.
  • Backer: .75” to 2” for standard head .75” to 4.5” for wide head
  • Label/Tab Length: .75” to 7”


  • Accuracy: +/- 1/8” repeatability
  • Dimensions: 33”W x 37”D x 71”H
  • Tabletop Height: 34.75” to 37.75”
  • Weight: 350 lbs.
  • Power: 115V, Single phase, 10 amp




Jet 1 Tabber is available in standard or wide head configuration.

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