Secap FR170 Friction Feeder – 102819110454

Secap FR170 Friction Feeder

S/N 14950415

Friction Feeder Description

The Secap FR170 friction feeder is a medium duty feeder that can be added to a Secap 30K, Secap V-Jet, or a Secap Jet 1 Tabber for increased productivity of the workstation. The Secap FR170 envelope printer feeder comes equipped with a reliable product separator, variable angle feed belts, internal DC motor and dynamic braking. There is a 24” capacity media hopper with simple two-knob width adjustment.

Features and Benefits:
Reliable and efficient product separator
Variable angle feed belts for enhanced feeding performance
High capacity 24″ hopper with two knob width adjustment
Variable speed control for synchronous operation
Top load and bottom feed design
Simple to use and configure for a variety of different applications
Flexible, wide range of media and variable speed settings

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