Seal Image iT-600 41″ Double Sided Hot Roll Laminator – 061224435033A

S/N: 600-1058

Laminator Description

Seal’s Image 400 and 600 laminators make it easy to create dynamic signs and displays from your digital or photographic prints. These laminators are easy to set up. Easy to operate. And easy on your budget. And with six models to choose from, it’s easy to find an Image 400 or 600 that’s just right for your production needs.

The Image 400-S features a heated top roller and offers complete pressure-sensitive mounting and laminating, heat-assisted or full heat-activated over-laminating, and two-pass hot sealing up to 41 inches (104 cm) wide. The Image 600-S addresses the same applications, yet can handle materials up to 61 inches (155 cm) across, making it perfect for finishing today’s wide-format ink jet prints.

Compressed Air Maximum 120 PSI or 830 kPa

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