Scott 1800 Plastic Index Tab Laminating Machine – 052422000201A


The Scott 1800 offers exceptional engineering and construction to put you in control of the hot deadlines and high quality your customers demand for index tab cards, catalogs, presentations, manuals, time systems, rate books, etc. Laminate up to 14,000 Pre-Printed Sheets per Shift. In less than two seconds, the Scott 1800 feeds the plastic tape, wraps and folds it around the sheet, cuts the plastic to the selected length and smoothly bonds it to both sides. With minimal training and experience, one operator will produce upwards of 2,000 plastic laminated, ready-to-tabcut sheets per hour – up to 14,000 per shift. Side and full-length back guides assure accurate sheet positioning and automatic counter precisely records each operator’s output.

Quick, Easy Setups Keep High- and Low-Volume Jobs Profitable. Complete Scott 1800 setups and changeovers require no tools, minimal skills and very little time. In just a few seconds you can set tab position – unclamp, move and re-clamp the paper feed guide; change the plastic length – set the graduated scale to any position between 1 and 5 1/2 inches (25.4 mm and 140 mm). In less than one minute, change tab color – insert a new tape reel on the reel holder and thread the tape. The Scott 1800 is now ready to laminate high-volume or rush jobs as fast as your operator can insert each sheet.


Speed: 2,200 laminated sheets per hour
Sheet Size: maximum: 18” (457.2mm)
minimum: 5 1/2” (139.7mm)
Paper Weight: 6-point to 25-point paper
Plastic Size: 1 inch to 5 1/2” (25.4mm to 139.7 mm)
Electrical Requirements: 5 amp, 120 VAC, 50-60hz
Air Requirements:4 cubic ft. per minute (1888 cubic cm
per second at 80 lbs. pressure)
Ball Bearings or Bushings: All Moving Parts
Lubrication: Fully Automated
Table Top: 48” x 30” (1219mm x 762mm)
Table Height: (Adjustable) maximum: 31 1/2” (800mm) minimum : 25” (635mm)
Floor Space Required: 48” x 40” (1219mm x 1016mm)
Shipping Weight: 330 lbs. (150kg)

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