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Schaefer Type 9in MS Label Cementer – 061522000284A

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Schaefer’s classic label cementers apply glue to the back of paper labels. They are ideal for short runs, as labels can be made on demand without the need for custom printing on pressure sensitive stock. They are designed for fast glue application and easy cleanup. Labels can be applied by hand, and unlike with pressure sensitive labels they can be repositioned before the glue sets.


• Cost of gluing a label is only 1/4 to 1/3 the cost of a pressure sensitive adhesive label
 Short run and special labels can be produced inexpensively and run through the MS label gluer. There is
• no need to print large quantities of a custom label on pressure sensitive stock. A label can be made on an
• inkjet or laser printer, and glue applied with the MS label gluer.
 If the label is crooked or out of position when applied, it can be straightened before the glue sets. This
• cannot be done with a pressure sensitive label.
• After a labeling run is complete, the coating unit is removed from the machine and set in the soak tank,
• and the glue tank is covered. No time is wasted in cleaning glue out of the machine.


  • Width of Rollers – 9″
  • Min. Label Glued – 1/2 x 1 1/2″
  • Max. Label Glued – 8 3/4″ x any Length
  • Work Bench Space – 9″ x 19″
  • New Weight w/ Motor – 35lbs.
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