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Ryobi 3304H Four Color Offset Printing Press – 060920091130

Ryobi 3304H Four Color Offset Printing Press

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Printing Press Description

Introducing the world’s first A3-size portrait format 4-color offset presses—the RYOBI 3304H —developed in response to the market’s demand for multiple color and digitalization. These presses feature a satellite V-shaped 5-cylinder system, which enables a compact size measuring a mere 3.8 m2. Plus, they can easily handle metal plates as well as polyester-based plates to realize economic 4-color printing. And to greatly reduce the labor involved in making color adjustments, RYOBI offers its original Ink Volume Setter software (option), which calculates image area ratio data from pre-press systems run by Macintosh computers, resulting in even more productive operation. In addition, the 3304HA features a Semi-Automatic Plate Changer that makes changing plates significantly easier. The Plate Changer’s high plate mounting accuracy means less time required for registration. Offering superb cost-performance and the ability to handle various paper stock and sizes, the 3304H effectively meet the growing demands for multi-color printing in envelopes, postcards, direct mail and other diversified short-run jobs. Discover the printing presses that are destined to set a new standard in color printing—the RYOBI 3304H

SIZE 32 CM X 46 CM (13” X 18”)

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