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Rosco 350 Table Top Three Hole Paper Drill – 012720082515

Rosco 350 Table Top Three Hole Paper Drill

S/N 35087446

Paper Drill Description

This 3-Hole Paper Drill is in our print shop, working great. We’re including our tool kit of accessories and spare bits, so you can hit the ground running. Here are some specs Rosco puts out for the 370 Model. Nothing jumps out at me as different from my use of this 350, but you should verify any spec independtly before using it to make a bidding decision (as always):

Paper Drill Specifications

Drill capacity maximum*: 2″ 51 mm
Back margin maximum: 2-1/2″ 63 mm
Side margin maximum: 12″ 30 cm
Fixed distance between holes: 4-1/4″ 108 mm
Drill bit diameters: 1/8″ to 1/2″ 3.2 to 12.7 mm
Height: 38″ 97 cm
Depth: 21″ 53 cm
Width: 28″ 71 cm
Weight: 140 lbs. 64 kg
Shipping weight: 219 lbs. 99 kg
Drill head operation: hand lever

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