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Rollem GTR Tandem Shaft Slitter and Pile Feed w/ Extended Delivery & 2010 Rollem Rollaway – 048019

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Rollaway Slitting, Scoring, Perforating & Semi-Slitting System. The Rollaway Slitter is a single direction modular unit for slitting, scoring, perforating, strike-perforating and micro-perforating functions. Two Rollaways combined create the Jetstream model. The Rollaway delivers high quality automated finishing, surpassing press score quality with a two-stage process that lays a second deeper score over the first score. You can eliminate cracking and achieve a sharper crease even on difficult stocks with Rollem’s two-stage scoring process. Add the Rollaway to the TR System, the ETR, Advantage, or Champion 990 System to create a bi-directional (four-sided) finishing system. The Jetstream System is comprised of two Rollaway units configured in a 45 degree or right angle configuration for bi-directional processing.


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