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Rollem Auto 5 Perf / Slit / Score Numbering Machine – 101121084121

S/N: Z1186/821


This top of the line model was designed for printers handling larger format and high volume numbering, scoring, perforating and slitting jobs. Designed to handle multiple numbers in a non-linear position, the Auto-5 can be configured with up to 12 numbering heads in a 4 across by 3 deep matrix.

Numbering Machine Specifications

Minimum Sheet Size: 4″ x 4″
Maximum Sheet Size: 24” x 26”
Stock: From 9 lb. Onion skin to 40-pt. Board, or open end feeding of multiple part sets
Speeds: Vary depending on set-up
Floor Size: 46” x 68”
Electrical Requirement: 110 Volts, 1-Phase AC
Gross Weight: 850 lbs. Net weight: 675 lbs