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Roll Systems C7 Continuous Cutter – 041021012850

Model: 503176

S/N: 0500503176AK016690

Printer speed is 170 feet per min per printer. Both printercan create 744 images per min 2 up at 11X 8 ½

ELECTRICAL 100-110 VAC, 12 A, 50/60 Hz

220-240 VAC, 6 A, 50/60 HZ

DIMENSIONS (without infeed) 41” high, 39” wide, 25”long


The native Roll Systems cutter, Model 503176, is capable of cutting wood fiber based paper stocks in a single layer whose weights are in the range of 40 gsm to 250 gsm, or in two layers up to 200 gsm each layer. This specification is superseded by the system specifications of any system in which the 503176 cutter is used. Operation near the extremes of the cutter’s range of basis weights may require installation of optional, system-specific, paper handling features.

WEB WIDTH: 6.5” minimum 21” maximum

WEB LENGTH: 5.5” minimum cut length at 250 ft/min

4.5” minimum cut length at 230 ft/min

3.5” minimum cut length at 170 ft/min

54” maximum cut length


Operator selectable in 1/6”, 1/8”, millimeters, or 10/1000”

Strip Cut Maximum strip cut length is 0.750″ (19 mm) and is the difference of form length minus cut length. Min strip cut is 1/8″

Short Cut (coupons) A continuous cutter with the Short Cut Application installed can cut forms 3 1/2″ long at 233 feet per minute. Because this puts a higher demand on the paper drive components, the Continuous Cutter has additional cooling components for improved thermal characteristics. AC power components have been changed to handle the additional current requirements. Lower inertia paper drive components include three modified pulleys.

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