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Riso RZ 990 U High-Speed Digital Duplicator – 020323132059D

Riso RZ 990 U Digital Duplicator

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Digital Duplicator Description

Boasting ultra high-speed, exceptional print quality, productivity-enhancing features, and low operating sound and cost, the RZ990 is the flagship of all digital duplicators! The evolutionary successor to what was once known as the Risograph digital duplicator, this powerful device boasts better productivity and TCO than most any other network printer. Its unrivaled speed of 180 pages per minute and its first time to print make the RZ990 amazingly fast. The consistent highquality output is a result of 600 x 600 dpi scanning and printing, a new graphic interface, and an enhanced paper handling mechanism. This results in high-quality images with superior solids, even at maximum speed.

In addition to its high-speed printing capabilities and exceptional print quality, the RZ990 is extremely versatile. Because digital duplicators don’t use any heat and have a short straight paper path, they can easily run a wide variety of paper stocks and sizes. With over 70 colors to choose from, you can print a variety of applications—calendars, newsletters, posters, menus,
envelopes, brochures, postcards, and more—quickly and colorfully. The RZ990 also offers running costs as low as one third of a cent per page. The RZ990 is also engineered with a newly designed soundproof system, making it remarkably quiet in spite of its speed.

Simplicity at work
The RZ990 puts the power of a print shop into one, simple-to-use device. It’s as easy to use as a photocopier, with far more capabilities and benefits. The RZ990 comes ready to connect to your PC or network with high-speed USB 2.0 connection, and will reproduce documents sent from a computer or scanned off its platen glass. The RZ990 also comes equipped with a built-in RISO Editor, allowing you to scan an original and easily and precisely make color separations and changes directly from the touch screen.

High-Quality Ledger-Format Printing: Even at a blazing 180 pages per minute, the RZ990’s 600 dpi print quality remains consistent from the start of your print job to its completion. RISO i Quality SystemTM: The RISO RZ990 is equipped with the RISO i Quality System. Two-way communication between RISO i Quality System equipped printers and their supplies is made via integrated RF (Radio Frequency) tags. These tags relay information to the printer, assuring optimum first print quality and superior output throughout the entire job.

Digital Duplicator Specifications

master-making/ High-speed digital master-making/
printing methods fully automatic stencil printing
original type Book (22 lb/10kg or less), sheet
original size/weight When using the Stage Glass:
2″ x 3.5″ to 11.69″ x 17″ (50 x 90 mm to
297 x 432 mm), 22 lb (10 kg) or less
When using the AF-VI (simplex ADF/option):
3.9″ x 5.81″ to 11.69″ x 17″ (100 x 148 mm to
297 x 432 mm), 14 lb bond to 34 lb bond
(50 GSM to 128 GSM)
When using the DX-1 (duplex ADF/option):
4.13″ x 5″ to 11.69″ x 17″ (105 x 128 mm to 297 x
432 mm); Single side feeding: 12 lb bond to 34 lb
bond (40 GSM to 128GSM); Double side feeding:
14 lb bond to 28 lb bond (52 GSM to 105 GSM)
scanning area (max.) 11.69″ x 17″ (297 x 432 mm)
print paper size 3.9″ x 5.81″ to 12.6″ x 17″
(max./min.) (100 x 148 mm to 320 x 432 mm)
paper supply capacity 1000 sheets in feed tray and receive tray,
20 lb bond (75 GSM)
print paper weight 13 lb bond to 110 lb index (46 GSM to 210 GSM)
image processing mode Line, Photo (Standard/Portrait/Group), Duo,
resolution Scanning: 600 x 600dpi;
Printing: 600 x 600dpi

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