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Riso MZ 790 U Two Color Digital Press

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Digital Press Description

Now you have a choice: printing in a single color or adding the drama of a second color—all in a single pass. Offering 2-color printing in a single pass, the MZ790 features the ease of use and quality output that make RISO printers the world’s favorite. Advanced technology makes color separation, master-making, and printing little more than a pushbutton operation, and the vast array of RISO inks offers you a huge selection of colors to choose from to add extra impact to all your documents.

When you want to produce documents with the power and impact that two colors bring, the MZ790 is the easy, efficient answer offering two-color printing in a single pass. For speed and ease, you can run the MZ790 as a single-color printer to output simple documents that don’t need the extra impact of a second color.

RISO printers are known worldwide for their high speed and high quality, and the MZ790 is no exception. The MZ790 boasts the world’s fastest print speed for a twocolor, one-pass digital duplicator—a blazing 150 ppm. The MZ790 will enhance your productivity by completing your longest print jobs in an astonishingly short time, taking less than seven minutes to print 1,000 pages.

Digital Press Specifications

processing High-speed fully automatic digital
scanning, thermal screening printing system
resolution Scanning: 600 x 600 dpi
Imaging: 600e dpi
first copy time Dual color print:
Approximately 57 seconds
Single color print with Cylinder 1:
Approximately 24 seconds
Single color print with Cylinder 2:
Approximately 34 seconds
printing speed 60-150 ppm. 5 steps (60, 80, 100, 110, 120 ppm)
variable from control panel; 150 ppm selectable
from touch panel.
original size and weight From stage glass:
22 lb or less. 1.9375″ x 3.5625″ to 11.6875″ x
16.53″ (50 x 90 mm to 297 x 420 mm)
In the optional Automatic Document Feeder:
50 sheets, 15 lb bond to 34 lb bond (50 to 128
GSM), 3.5625″ x 5.5″ to 11.6875″ x 16.53″
(90 x 140 mm to 297 x 420 mm)
paper size and weight Dual color print or single color print with
Cylinder 2:
7.165″ x 10.12″ to 11.6875″ x 17”
(182 x 257 mm to 297 x 432 mm)
Single color print with Cylinder 1:
3.9375″ x 5.8125″ to 11.6875″ x 17”
(100 x 148 mm to 297 x 432 mm)
13 lb bond to 110 lb index (46 to 210 GSM)
image processing modes Line, Photo (Standard, Portrait, Group), Duo,
image area (max.) 11.4375″ x 16.25 (291 x 413 mm)
paper capacity 1000 sheets in feed tray and receive tray
20 lb bond (75 GSM)

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