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RipIt Speedsetter X2 Computer to Plate System – 090420095030

Also known as an imagesetter, this machine uses a laser to image press plates directly from computer files. Imaging at 2400 dpi and 175 lines per inch, the SpeedSetter is capable of imaging fine lines and screens 12″x8″.


Virtual Drum Technology for consistent, accurate film.
10 m Laser Spot for maintaining detail at 150 to 300 Ipi screens
High output speed (SpeedSetter 300 x2 images a full 12.5″x 18.75″A3+ page in 2.4 minutes at 2400 dpi).
Laser Diode Light Source – solid state for high reliability
User Interface: Programmable,S key, four-row LCD display
Supply cassette for 200′ (60 M) bulk load or 165′ (50 M) daylight load film
15′ (3 M) take-up cassette included
True desktop size and weight – 25.2″ x 14.2″ x 14.5″; under 96 pounds
Compatible with RIPit’s OpenRIP· Offset Edition, Adobe· PostScript” 3’· interpreter.

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