Rima RS 3010 13″ Entry Level Stacker


Rima RS 3010 13″ Entry Level Stacker

Stacker Description

The RS 3010 is the entry level stacker for smaller presses. At 13“, it perfectly fits the needs of commercial as well as newspaper printers. The RS 3010 is a “plug and play” machine which can be upgraded with different options to fulfill special requirements. It can be used stand alone or configured with an infeed conveyor and bumpturn/flowturn combination tower in order to perfectly fit single delivery presses with tabloid and chopper fold. The stacker is equipped with divert gate for automatic copy rejection, stream aligner with side belts, squeeze roller, mechanical counter, gapper, upper bin unit with flipper fingers, turntable with integrated stack compression and delivery table. Superior reliability, easy operation and low maintenance costs combined with an attractive price make this stacker the first choice not only for new presses but also as replacement behind existing presses, as an economical & simple back-up stacker or replacement of manual pile down.

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