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Rhin-O-Tuff KF-50 Krimp-Fast Coil Crimper Module – 071921090450

The Rhin-O-Tuff KF-50 Krimp-Fast coil crimping module is designed to make crimping your spiral bound documents easier than ever. Take those coil crimping pliers and throw them away. This crimping module is more exact and easier to use than traditional hand held crimpers. The KF-50’s modular design allows it to be attached to the side of your Rhin-O-Tuff binding punch or coil inserter so that the crimper is always handy and ready to finish your documents. This crimper can be adjusted for use with coil that is as small as 6mm in diameter and for coils as large as 50mm in diameter. The KF-50 is available as a module or it can be purchased in a stand alone configuration with a mounting box (part number KF-50KB) or as a special module for use with the HD-e4100 coil inserter (part number KF-50E41). Choose the option that best fits your needs today.
  • Makes any operator experienced at crimping coil.
  • Able to combine with an existing HD-4170, HD-e4100 Coil Inserter Modules and the PC-248 Punch & Coil System.
  • Infinitely adjustable to the diameter of the filament.
  • Ergonomically multi-adjustable actuating handle.
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