Rena XPS90 Protabber w/ W36F Production Tabber and Delivery Conveyor – 040524401004A

Model: W36F Production Tabber
S/N: 001227

Model: Rena R0 630.5.950
S/N: 229/D

Neopost Model: CT-36
S/N: 902247

Rena XPS ProTab R0 630.5.950 Console Tabber

Intelligent sensors and innovative guides that ensure smooth material handling that make set-up simple.  The system is designed to be easy-to-run in-line with various console products.  It offers integrated Start/Stop feeder control and Emergency Stop interlocks that work seamlessly with the XPS-ProMail console components to give you state-of-the-art safety.  Heavy duty aluminum and steel construction will give you years of reliable high performance use.

  • Can apply 1, 2, or 3 tabs in one pass.
  • Has a unique rail system that allows the transport to move, with out moving the entire base!
  • Tabs or labels from either side of the unit.
  • Holds up to 50,000 tabs on a standard 3″ core.
  • Existing 2″ systems can be upgraded later to a 4″ Tabber/Labeler.

Model: 2 Inch

Volts: 110-120

Hz: 60-50


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