Rena 2-Inch XPS ProTab Tabbing Machine – 061224482002A

Model: 2 Inch

S/N: 1005 182


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Tabbing Machine Description

The XPS ProTab is designed to apply pressure sensitive tabs/ labels on to flat product. You can use the system as a wrap around tabbing device or use it as a labeler. The system is made up of two major components, the transport base and the tabbing head. The tabbing head is movable to enable tabbing on either edge of a mail piece. If the system is used as a flat tabber or labeler, the head can be located to position the label anywhere on the piece. Tab/ Label position over the length of the product is adjusted electrically through the operator interface. The product is introduced into the system by a feeder, conveyor, or ink jet system. The product is justified to a side guide by adjusting the transport table position and the registration wheel assembly. A knob that raises and lowers the height of the tabbing head and the upper output transport assembly adjusts for product thickness. When the product is transported, it is detected by a through-beam sensor that tells the tabbing head to apply a tab. If more than one tab is to be applied to a product, this can be set at the operator interface. After the tab is applied, the product passes through a number of rollers and guides to ensure that the tab/label is firmly applied and wrapped tight against the product edge.

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