2007 Quipp Viper Bottom-Wrap Kraft Paper Wrapper


2007 Quipp Viper Bottom-Wrap Kraft Paper Wrapper

Wrapper Description

Quipp’s Viper provides the fastest, most advanced means available today, of applying economical kraft paper protection to newspaper stacks. At the touch of a button, the Viper can be set to apply a protective kraft paper cover to the top, front, and bottom of newspaper stacks.

Wrapper Features

Compact, only 30″ wide, and portable, for use in more than one location.
Simplified design, few moving parts, state of the art electronics.
Modern design provides bottom protection only, or three side protection.
Available optional ink jet printing with barcode, high resolution printers available.
Paper width change accomplished with simple adjustment.
Paper roll replacement with machine running.
Left or right hand roll loading as required.
Auto threading option which simplifies roll change.

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