Quincy QSVB10 Industrial Vacuum – 010621093430

Industrial vacuum applications require tough, efficient vacuum pumps that can withstand the strenuous pressures of these intense work-ing environments. There are many compelling reasons to consider using Quincy QSV series rotary screw vacuum technology.

REASON #1 – EFFICIENCY. Compare delivered ACFM per input horsepower to any other design and you will find that Quincy rotary screw vacuum pumps outperform all industry standards.

REASON #2 – LIFE CYCLE. QSV vacuum products are designed with compressor duty bearings in a compressor service airend. This translates into extended product life and lower cost of ownership.

REASON #3 – CONTROLS. The modulating inlet valve provides a dual function. One, to protect site vacuum level and two, energy savings. Both these functions translate into dollar savings.

REASON #4 – PACKAGING. These vacuum pump packages are supplied standard with full electricals, inlet filtration, base frame and controls. Connect to the system, plug it in and go.

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