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Purup-Eskofot DPX Genesis Computer to Plate System w/ Rip Computer

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Computer to Plate System Description

The DPX Genesis from Purup•Eskofot is a small, fast, easy-to-use Computer-to-Plate solution, designed specifically for small format printers. The DPX Genesis is not a modified film imagesetter but an advanced Computer-to-Plate (CtP) unit that uses the best technology from both imagesetters and platemakers. With the DPX Genesis, you can produce press-ready plates that are imaged, cut to size and dried.

The low-cost CtP solution Purup• Eskofot has developed the DPX Genesis. Because, quite simply, this unique unit is the affordable way for small format operations to upgrade their production processes to a digital workflow – and create press-ready plates quickly and economically. Platesetter and imagesetter in one The DPX Genesis is a platesetter and imagesetter in one, designed to process both film and plate materials. That means that no matter what the job or run length, the all-purpose DPX

Genesis can handle it. To run film, the film option contains a roll holder and take-up cassette so that film can be processed in an off-line processor. Plate material is processed in the in line processor – and changing from film to plate takes less than five minutes. Advanced capstan technology The DPX Genesis uses state-ofthe-art Capstan technology, which exposes material as it passes in front of a laser. The advantage of Capstan is that it guarantees a high level of productivity – up to 28 plates per hour can be produced.

No more waste Plate material for the DPX Genesis is delivered in 61- meter rolls (220 feet). One roll is long enough to generate 150 plates. And each new plate begins where the previous one ends so there’s no waste, as is usually the case when using an imagesetter to produce plates. State-of-the-art processor Purup•Eskofot’s advanced technological know-how went into the design of DPX Genesis’s unique 2-bath processor for polyester plate processing. The technology is a further development of the Purup•Eskofot technology used in its camera platemakers.

The 2-bath processor operates with only two very small containers, which reduces the amount of chemistry used. Two small replenishment bottles are mounted on the back of each machine – with enough activator and stabilizer to feed one roll of plate material. This simplifies operation because all the operator has to do is change the replenishment bottles each time a new roll of plate material is inserted.

Easy disposal of chemistry The processor’s overflow pipe is designed to control the chemistry level in the containers. Excess chemicals will automatically run into the waste container and when the container is full, a warning signal tells the operator to empty the container. All the operator has to do is click the tube onto the container and push the button. A pump will automatically empty the container, so there is no contact with the chemicals.

No reason to wait With the advent of the DPX Genesis, there is now a low-cost, all-purpose solution for small format printers who are ready to take the fast track to press. So why wait?

Computer to Plate System Specifications

Material type: Paper and
polyester plates (max 8 mil)
Photographic paper and
film (optional)
1200 – 2400 dpi
Laser Diode
Infrared laser diode,
760 nm, 1mw
Edge Repeatability
± 0.5 mm
(plate edge to image)
Image Repeatability
± 45 µm (plate to plate)
Plate Size
222 x 385 mm (8.7 x 15,15″)
340 x 550 mm (13.4 x 21.6″)
Exposure Width
310 x 510 mm (12.2 x 20″)
457 mm (18″ plate)
Production Speed
1200 dpi: 28 plates / hour
2400 dpi: 16 plates / hour

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