PSI Envelope Feeder w/ Conveyor – 060424397017A

Conveyor Model: D-100

S/N: 4302

PSI S/N: 10-315

The envelope print quality of PSI’s production laser printers is unrivaled. Personalized impressions can be created for your customers using script and hand written fonts, and printed across the full envelope. An envelope printed using a PSI’s Laser envelope printer will look professional and rich in quality before and after delivery.

PSI’s Production Laser Printer Systems are high performance machines, designed to print on small and large envelopes, card stock, glossy stock, labels and standard paper. Each production laser printer is equipped with PSI’s load on the fly’ feeder and stacker, which minimizes your downtime since you can add and remove envelopes while the printer is in operation. With an envelope feeder and stacker capacity of 1000, time that would have been spent loading and unloading can be directed towards more important tasks.

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