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Profold LINX Tabbing Machine – 100622089006A

Model: LINX

S/N: LX-123


  • Provides cost effective, industry proven tabbing technology.
  • Increase production time due to less “down-time” for maintenance
  • Able to place one to eight (1-8) tabs on top and bottom of a product in a
    single pass
  • Master unit can be operated as a Stand Alone unit
  • Can be used to place tabs, stamps, labels, and Post-it notes.
  • Post-it notes require adapter kit installed
  • Has electronic controller which controls accurate tab placement
  • Through-put = 30k pieces per hour (Based on 1 piece, with 2 tabs)


  • 115 VAC
  • 15 Amp
  • 60 Hz
  • 1 Phase