ProFold ES500 Vacuum Feed Paper Folder – 060321081120

Model: E500VF

S/N: EV2088

Paper Folder Description

The ProFold 500 VF paper folder operates at a speed up to 25,000 sheets per hour. The ProFold 500 VF paper folder is very effective at handling coated stock and press spray powder doesn’t affect its productivity. If ink on the paper isn’t completely dry, the 500 VF even eliminates ink smudging for you.

Paper Folder Specifications

Product Length 23.00 in.
Product Width 25.00 in.
Product Height 19.00 in.
Product Weight 355.00 lbs.
Speed 25000 sheets/hr.
Num. of Fold Types 4 quantity
Max. Form Length 20 in.
Max. Form Width 14 in.
Min. Form Length 5 in.
Min. Form Width 5 in.
Max. Paper Weight 67 bond
Min. Paper Weight 17 bond
Feeder Capacity 500 sheets
Voltage 115 volts

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