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Pro Pack Dibipack 1217 ST One-Step Shrink Wrap System – 020124351001A

Shrink Wrap System Description

Pro Pack’s One-Step Sealer System is the number one selling One-Step system in the U.S.A. offering greater efficiency with sealing and shrink-wrapping, all in one easy step. The compact size of the Dibipack 1217ST, which includes a stand with castors, makes this unit conveniently mobile. Pro Pack’s Dibipack 1217ST also improves labor costs by allowing you to seal and shrink wrap with only one operator. The operator can easily view the product under a transparent hood while shrinking, thus improving quality control and making your operation more efficient. The 1217ST’s efficiency doesn’t stop there; less adjustment time is required between different package sizes and types, making the 1217ST flexible as well as practical. This One-Step system will improve your bottom line by consuming less energy than standard two-step systems. Low cost and quick payback makes these machines highly attractive for both large operations and small businesses alike.

Shrink Wrap System Specifications

Power Supply: 110v
Overall Dimesions: 44″ L x 27″ W
Working Plate Height (on stand): 36″
Sealing Area: 12.5″ W x 18″ L
Maximum Product Height: 7.5″
Impulse Sealing System: Blade Microknife
Maximum Roll Width: 18″
Packaging Speed: 6-8 p/m
Weight: 160 lbs.

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