Polyair APM Pillow Packaging System – 052622000237A

Polyair Corp.e Pillow Packaging System is a space-saving and cost-effective alternative to loose-fill, kraft paper, and other void-fill materials. The machine produces clean, reusable, lightweight air pillows for void filling and cushioning applications. The system does not require compressed air, is small and quiet and its pillow sizes can be adjusted according to the user’s needs. At the press of a button, users can choose pillows with perforations or complete cuts and can set the machine to run a specific number of pillow batches. The compact machine is a self-contained, plug and play packaging system that weighs less than 100 lbs., uses standard 115 volt power, and only requires a 20in. x 40in. footprint. With no air compressor to speak of, the machine can be quickly moved to wherever it is needed.

Model: APM

S/N: 4929

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