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Polar-Mohr Eltromat 90 Paper Cutter – 100920111320

Polar-Mohr Eltromat 90 Paper Cutter

Paper Cutter Specifications

Serial No. 4212351

Modular, solid state circultry
Patented independent DC motor drive
Microprocessor-controlled, infinitely variable backgauge drive
Repeatability of backgauge position to +/- .002″ (.05 mm)
Automatic backgauge return
Operator-defined inch or metric display
Program entry or correction, through the keyboard with the backgauge stationary or while cutting the lift
Automatic computation and entry of fractions
Insertion or deletion of commands from existing programs
Stock eject, turnaround, loading points and job information
Infinite lay compensate mode for as many sides as requested
Non-volatile memory no batteries required for memory support
Minimum trim cut: .002″ (.05 mm)
Speed range: 24 – 960 inches per minute, both forward and reverse, depending on size and condition of cutter
Self-diagnostic electronics
Electrical: 85 – 265 VAC, 50/60 Hz @ 1 KVA

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