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Polar 115 EMC 45″ Programmable Paper Cutter w/ Microcut – 100623276011A

The precise and gentle swing cut is carried out hydraulically, meaning you can spend more time getting those projects done instead of making adjustments. Within a wide setting range the adjustable clamping pressure creates infinite possibilities for all cutting materials. Bright LED cutting lines ensure safety for all operators. Recurring cutting sequences can be memorized, up to 198 programs, and updated at any time.

**Includes blades and accessories shown in pictures**

S/N: 5631349



67.32″ (H) x 100.39″ (W. w/o side tables) x 106.3″ (D)

5,930 pounds

-Front table length: 28.14″
Table height: 35.43″


-Cutting width: 45.27″
-Feeding height: 6.5″
-Feeding depth: 45.27″

Knife thickness: 0.54″
Knife grinding reserve, max.: 1.77″
Smallest cut, w/o false clamp plate: 0.98″
Smallest cut, with false clamp plate: 3.74″
Smallest cut, manual w/o false clamp plate: 0.98″


-Electric power (main drive): 5.5 kW / 7.38 hp
Dynamic surcharge: 20%
Supply voltage (three-phase AC): 200 V / Fusing 16 A
Supply voltage (three-phase AC): 400 V / Fusing 16 A