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Plockmatic PBM350 Booklet Maker – 080822000497A

The Plockmatic 350 is a modular in-line booklet making solution for centralized reproduction departments and commercial print providers – large and small. Customers can choose from a range of cost effective options to support their application requirements. The system is packed with a host of unique technologies that deliver finished books with quality to match today’s high-end printing systems.

BF5030 Type: F105-007 (S/N: L105F00576)

PBM350 Type: F102-012 (S/N: T102G05233)

Production of high quality booklets at print engine rated speed

The larger display makes set up easier so you can process more short run jobs in less time

Up to 25 jobs can be stored in memory for easy recall

The system can produce booklets with up to 200 pages (PBM500)

Patented folding mechanism provides a sharp and professional looking book

Face Trimmer Module option will trim the shingle off the front of the book

Cover Feeder option adds pre-printed covers of up to 140 lb Index / 250gsm cover to the book

BookFold Module option creates a more professional, flatter square fold booklet from saddle stitched