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Plockmatic BK5030 Production Booklet Maker – 080822000498A

Type: F102-004

S/N: T102D00827

Booklet Maker Description

The BK5030 Production Booklet Maker creates professionally finished, saddle-stitched booklets up to 30 sheets at a time, equivalent to a 120-page book. It automatically adjusts for paper size and direction and has a variety of drivers; printing from a network is effortless. The belt feeder helps compile completed booklets for neat output and for longer runs — operators can simply fold down the belt stacker for unlimited stacking capability. The BK5030 can be used both inline, integrated with a print engine, or offline so that booklets can be created manually. Working in offline mode allows operators to utilize other finishing capabilities, providing a true multitasking solution.

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