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Plockmatic BK 5010 Bookletmaker w/ Cover Inserter, TR5010 Trimmer and BF5010 Square Folder – 041423178002A

BK5010e (Type: F102-002) S/N: ZP2918600019

TR5010e (Type: F103-002) S/N: ZP3018600006

BF5010e (Type: F105-002) S/N: ZP3118400012

This compact, dynamic on-line booklet making system connects to a variety of Ricohs multi functional printers. Add the optional TR5010 Trimmer Unit and eliminate the shingle effect that happens with thicker booklets and cre- ate a professionally trimmed booklet. The CF5010 Cover Feeder makes it possible to add preprinted color covers up to an amazing 300 gsm / 172 lb Index. The BF5010 Book Fold Unit completes the booklets by giving them a unique square folded edge, the same professional flat finish as bound books with a printable spine that gives the appearance of a magazine.

Makes booklets with 30 sheets of paper to make trimmed square folded 120 page booklets,
Can make a 120 page booklet every couple of seconds
A fully automatic booklet maker able to produce up to 120 page booklets. Special attention has been given to handle digital prints to avoid smearing and scratching. A patented two-step fold roller system gives a sharp fold without marking and eliminates the risk of tearing.
Paper sizes: A4, A3, B4, 8.5×11″, 8.5×14″, 11×17″
Paper size (Minimum): 206 x 275mm (8.1 x 10.8″)
Paper size (Maximum): 320 x 457mm (12.6 x 18″)
Paper weight (Minimum): 64 gsm (16 lb. Bond)
Paper weight (Maximum): 300 gsm (110 lb. Cover)
Input / Output sheets: 1 – 30 sheets of 80 gsm (20 lb. Bond)
Speed, maintaining each individual print engine: Up to 1800 sets/hourPlockmatic bookletmakers are of exceptionally high quality & with 40 years in the industry they have built a powerful and solid reputation as an efficient and flexible solution provider for the print finishing industry, leading the way in innovation and development of new technology.

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