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PlateWriter 2500 Computer to Plate System – 090120094110

S/N 10063600-0020

The PlateWriter™ has the lowest energy usage and heat output in its class.
This has a positive effect on your company’s energy balance and eliminates the need for additional air conditioning. In addition, the PlateWriter™ requires no water supply and minimal electricity, providing substantial long term cost savings, while being environmentally friendly.

Significantly smaller investment than the cost of current, laser-based plate imaging systems. Contact your dealer for a personal Return on Investment calculation.

Ease of use
Operates in daylight conditions and makes press-ready plates in minutes without additional equipment or chemicals.

Environmentally friendly
No use of processing chemicals or water, and therefore no chemical disposal costs. Also extremely energy efficient.

A wide variety of iPlate sizes and gauges are available and they can be used interchangably without adjusting any settings.

High quality output
FM or stochastic screening capable of emulating 175 lpi conventional screening.

Reduced plate production costs
The cost per plate is less than conventional metal platemaking methods, with a dramatic reduction in labor expenses and no need for film or chemicals.

The complete solution
Everything you need to start making plates is included – from the imaging engine and finishing unit with automated gumming station, to the Harlequin RIP with its own powerful hardware platform.

System Specifications

Consumables – Liquid Dot*
Plate thickness mm (“) 0.15/0.20/0.30 (0.006/0.008/0.012)
Plate types – iPlates*
Plate, length (min. – max.) mm (“) 279 – 650 (11.0 – 25.6)
Plate, width (min. – max.) mm (“) 203 – 550 (8.0 – 21.7)

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