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Pitney Bowes Secap Fit 56″ Inkjet Base w/ Speed-Dri Drying System, Exit, and Delivery Conveyors – 031224360005B

Model: 5060-10-2-00-SP821A
S/N: 164834-01-2510-0111

The Speed-Dri makes it simple to add extra capability enabling increased line speeds. Designed for easy installation, low operation cost, and minimal maintenance, the system is an economical solution for improving throughput resulting in increased profitability.

Pitney Bowes Model: FIT-56-C-30-W
S/N: 1108134

*Includes USB Operating Drive*

Fit 56″ Base

Print, scan and label

The Flexible Inkjet Transport is a flexible, lower cost-of-entry inline or standalone print solution built on a compact vacuum base table system that is perfect for those with limited space. Easy to set-up and operate. The system processes material at speeds up to 16,000 mail pieces per hour.

This system includes optional scanning and diverts capability. Flexible Inkjet Transport adds more value to your operation.