Pitney Bowes SE-1200 GBR Multi-Purpose Inserter / Inkjet / Tabber / Feeder – 052424000487A

Model: SE-1200-GBR

S/N: 00969GBR12

The Multi-Purpose Feeder can be added as a Replace-A-Station to your Gripper Arm Inserter just like our EI Model, then with a flip of a switch you can use it on an Ink Jet base. The SE Models come standard with our Patented Dynamic Rotation Technology, the ECO Models feature our Patented “Football” Separator. MP Feeders come standard with heavy duty 1/4″ thick powder coated side frames, small product guides and variable speed control.


  •  SE 900 MP / SE 900 MP
  • Maximum Product Size: 9.125″ – W x 14″ – L
  • Maximum Product Size MM: 231.775mm W x 355.6mm L
  • Minimum Product Size: 3″ – W x 2″ – L
  • Minimum Product Size MM: 76.2mm W x 50.8mm L
  • Maximum Product Thickness: .75″
  • Maximum Product thickness MM: 19.05mm
  • Minimum Product Thickness: .002″
  • Minimum Product Thickness MM: .0508mm
  • Hopper Capacity: 20″ Vertical
  • Electrical: 120 VAC
  • Speed: Variable 20 -300 ft / min.
  • Drive Motor: Variable DC

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