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Pitney Bowes FPS12F Flexible Productivity Series Inserting System – 040722024001A

The FPS(TM) Inserter Sets New Standard in Speed, Flexibility and Integrity For Transaction Mail and Direct Mail Applications

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Introducing the FPS(TM) Flexible Productivity Series, a new family of high volume inserting solutions designed to deliver a leading-edge combination of speed, flexibility and integrity to high volume mailers of transactional and direct mail.

Designed as a single, high performance platform that can handle all production mailing applications for organizations such as financial services companies, telecommunications service providers, utilities, government agencies and service bureaus, the FPS (TM) system delivers three key benefits:

    -- Speed. The FPS(TM) system is capable of processing up to 14,000 letters per hour.

    -- Flexibility. It can handle the widest range of applications, insert materials, collations, envelopes or mail piece-finishing 

    -- Integrity. The FPS(TM) system helps ensure a high level of mail quality through its ability to scale from simple file audits to
       complete file-based processing.

“The Flexible Productivity Series sets a new industry standard in terms of performance, agility and integrity in a single platform capable of processing all types of mail, all the time,” said Clint Dally, vice president, product line management, Pitney Bowes Document Messaging Technologies. “The performance and flexibility of the FPS(TM) Flexibility Productivity Series improves productivity and lowers cost per mail piece. For transaction mail and direct mail applications, the FPS(TM) system provides the superior quality and the monitoring and tracking capability that enables mailers to expand their offerings. From inputs to processing to ouputs, the FPS(TM) system handles the widest variety of inserts, envelopes and applications with ease. We’re convinced that it’s the most flexible inserter on the market today.”

The FPS(TM) system joins Pitney Bowes’ family of high productivity inserters. It features advanced technologies such as Servo motor-driven rotary and friction feeders, which deliver high performance, and ease of set up and use.

Model: ZXOA (S/N: 086054)

Model: R760 (S/N: 1044161)


Model: FPS  (flexible productivity series) 12F

Configuration: 1 channel cut sheet, 3 enclosure stations,

Envelope sizes: DL, C6, C6/5, C5, C4

Speed in env/h: 12.000 DL, 9.000 C4

Enclosures: 3 friction feeders on a 3 station chassis