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Pitney Bowes DM Infinity R750 Postage Meter – 110122076020D

Model: R750

S/N: 1042161

Postage Meter Description

Increase productivity, reduce your costly envelope inventory and personalize your mail. The DM Infinity Series gives you a flexible, cost effective option to print permit or indicia for a total mailing solution. Now you can change applications on-the-fly for on-demand envelope printing – you’ll also avoid costly errors resulting from using the wrong envelopes.

-Powerful economies and measurable productivity gains make mailings more profitable than ever before.
-Lower postage costs for mixed-weight mail with WeighOn-The-Fly™ technology.
-Increase throughput by 5 – 20% with faster speeds and fewer jams.
-Reduce return mail costs through improved print quality.
-Easier postage reconciliation due to fewer outsorts, reprints and stoppages.
-Reduce maintenance requirements up to 66% with an innovative, reliable component design.

The DM Infinity Series Digital Mailing System is more than a mandate – it adds up to real ROI.

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