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Pitney Bowes DF800 OfficeRight Folding Machine – CE024D

Folding paper by hand is tedious and time consuming. It also yields inconsistent results, and that can reflect poorly on your business. Now, you have an easy way to make a great impression. Because it’s so reliable and easy to operate, you can be confident that anyone using the DF800 will deliver professional results, quickly and effortlessly. Create a variety of folds, using a wide range of paper sizes and weights. Store routine jobs for instant, effortless setup. Refill paper as needed, without interrupting your workflow. Whether you’re folding invoices, newsletters, correspondence or brochures, you’ll get the job done faster, with superior results.

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  • Fold up to 13,000 sheets per hour.
  • Engage customers with sharplooking letters, brochures and inserts.
  • Choose from 7 standard folding options.
  • Set up jobs in no time using built-in wizards.
  • Preset and set up to 20 jobs, making it easy for anyone to operate


  • Folding speed: Up to 13,000 pieces per hour (5 settings)
  • Speed settings: 5 (adjustable while running)
  • Fold plate settings: Automatic
  • Load on the fly: Yes
  • Manual feed: Up to 5 sheets (stapled or unstapled)
  • Feed capacity: 325 sheets
  • Double detect: Yes
  • Trial piece: Yes
  • Standard stacking capacity: 135 C-folded sheets
  • Optional stackers: Conveyor stacker (500 sheets) Extension (1,000 sheets)
  • Paper weights: Minimum 14 lb. Maximum 32 lbs.
  • Paper size: Minimum 5”x 5” Maximum 9”x16”
  • Equipment weight: 50.7 lbs with standard stacker
  • Dimensions with standard stacker: 38.8” L x 20.03” W x 17.3” H
  • Electrical: 120v to 220v, 50/60 Hz

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