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Pitney Bowes Bump Turn Conveyor – 031020091005

Pitney Bowes Bump Turn Conveyor

S/N 0906031

Bump Turn Conveyor Description

Capable of running up to 30,000 piece’s per hour in multiple different types of equipment. Features, multi-bump position, variable speed, angle adjustments and left and right turning.
There are many applications for the bump turn such as:
Leaflets, Bi-Fold, Z Folds, Thin Magazines, Letter Folds, Tri-Fold, Quarter Fold, Hangers and Pamphlets

•Fast, simple integration
•Adjustable multi-bump pin positioning
•Reduces labor costs by combining two work cells into one
•Runs in line with inkjet’s, tabbers, folders, and stitchers/trimmers
•Runs up to 30,000 pieces per hour
•Left or right bump option

Minimum Input Height 21″
Maximum Input Height 35″
Minimum Output Height 32″
Maximum Output Height 35″
Maximum Thickness .125″
Product Width Product Dependant
Speed 20-500 ft / min
Electrical 120 VAC, 3 Amp
Left Hand / Right Hand Bump 5 minute change over
Dimensions W 19.50″ L 35.25″ x H 33.25″
Weight 49.5 lbs.

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