1885 Golding Pearl No 1 Antique 5″ x 8″ Platen Press – 122623000318A

Founded by William Golding of Boston, MA, the company started in 1869, and by 1870 was known as Golding & Company. Initially supplying amateur table top printing presses, Golding soon fashioned a wonderful little press that was sold complete with a wooden crate that became the base for the press. This press – named the Pearl would go on to drive the short-lived success of Golding & Co.

Today, the Pearl in various sizes (ours is a #1) remains a favorite of both hobbyists and craft printers around the world. Easy to use, easy to pump the peddle, Golding Pearls represent a key machine in the history of the platen press. All Pearls and later Jobbers are of the Boston principle – that being a fixed bed. They were supplied in several size.

The restoration work on the Golding Pearl included the creation of the side brayer shelf which was missing. Many major components were severely deteriorated and were in need of special attention and repair.  The Pearl has now been fully restored and looks just as it was leaving the Boston factory in 1896.

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