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Original Heidelberg Cylinder – 121420023810

The Original Heidelberg Cylinder is unique in its design and construction and cannot be compared in any way with orthodox stop-cylinder or two-revolution presses. It is built on an entirely new principle, which results in the production at economic costs of the finest quality of print, at speeds previously unknown on letterpress flatbed machines. The Original Heidelberg Cylinder has been installed by leading printers all over the world, which provides convincing evidence of the fact that its unrivaled advantages have been universally recognized. The designers of the Original Heidelberg Cylinder planned to provide for the every day requirements of the printer and to ensure that he could successfully meet competition and rising production costs. It was clear from the start that an entirely new approach to the problems would have to be made. A machine of revolutionary design was essential. The designers did not even have to consider the machine from their own production angle, as new a pant was to be provided to meet their requirements. As a result, the demands of the modern printing house were given the first consideration.

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Paper Size: 22½ x 30¼” (57 x 77 cm) 22½ x 32¼” (57 x 82 cm)

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