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Neschen Accutech Accu-18XE Laminator – 042720090950

Neschen Accutech Accu-18XE Laminator

Laminator Description

• Designed for professional Photographic Studios, providing fully automatic, high speed, dry to dry, protective coating for Digital and Photographic images, the Accu-18XE handles image from 5 x 7 to 18 x 24.
• No special operator training skills are needed, simply insert the image and in seconds it is evenly protected with a scratch resistant, water resistant and image enhancing coating.
• The unit features variable production speed from 5 – 15 feet per minute, and reversible action. An innovative, heat assisted “Air Cushion Dryer” assures high speed curing, effective, efficient operation, thereby assuring much improved production flow. The usual bottle-neck in your finishing department due to expensive, time consuming lamination or spraying is eliminated.
• The Accu-18XE is user-friendly and easy to maintain. It features an innovative, automatic “liquid stabilizing technology” Allowing 5 6 days operation without daily clean-up. The actual Cleaning process is also made easy and simple due to the removable, self-contained cartridge design of the coating rack.

ACCULAC water based coatings provide photographic and digital images with a durable, water and scratch resistant surface. Suitable for applying to a wide variety of substrates, ACCULAC is designed for use with the patented ACCU-COATER Systems, and offers a choice of three finished: Clear (gloss), Luster (Satin) and Matte (flat, no gloss).
• The ACCULAC range has been engineered for optimum quality and performance with photographic and digital images. These special environmentally friendly’ formulations contains UV inhibitors for image protection, low VOC and are easy to clean after use.

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