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Neopost SI-68 Automatic Folder Inserter – 061721094321

Folder Inserter Description

The SI-68 is a folder-inserters designed with the mid-size enterprise in mind – businesses which today process mail manually, or with inserters that require manual settings.

This unit easily fits into your office and can process all the various document types produced by your office every day, plus the real big quantities at the end of the month.

The Neopost SI-68 benefits:
Fast processing, at 45 inserts a minute and up to 30,000 inserts a month.
Immediate startup without settings, with the patented “Load ‘n’ Go” technology that automatically measures document size.
Flexibility, with each of the three feeders processing documents with variable page quantities, business reply envelopes and even small catalogs.
Ease of use: the SI-68 memorizes jobs settings in terms of thickness, size, folding length, number of documents, annexes, etc. – just call up a job type on the large screen and with just one touch of the finger, the processing starts.

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