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Neopost SI-62 2-Station Folder Inserter Machine – 100623295005A

Model: SI62
S/N: 05DO – 6343

Inserting is easy with SI-62 / Hasler M300 – just a simple, automated process.  Those busy days when the letters aren’t signed yet and you need to get home?  The Neopost SI-62 will do the daily mail quick. And, just like the office photocopier, you can walk up to SI-62 all through the day and turn an envelope with up to 5 inserts into a crisp, professional mailing in a few seconds.  The SI-62 can process up to 2,200 inserts per hour! Unlike many of the new all plastic inserters, you will know from the moment you place it on the table that this unit is tough, and means business!

The Neopost SI-62 / Hasler M3000 Inserter can save money on every envelope

Whatever size your business, one thing is constant – it costs about R0.58 to fill and seal an envelope by hand. But if you automate this task with SI-62, you’ll halve that cost (or better), and you’ll also save hundreds or perhaps thousands of hours in a year.

Insert almost anything

Not only will SI-62 / Hasler M300 save time and A4, A5, leaflets, postcards or envelopes. SI-62’s FlexFeeders handle just about any insert size or type, giving you endless mailing opportunities. You can even insert stapled leaflets. Forget about double feeds Neopost Secure ‘N Feed® prevents double feeds by checking the thickness of each item processed. Mailing peace of mind? It’s simply a matter of Neopost!

Load ‘N Go® – it doesn’t get any easier

Load ‘N Go® is an exclusive Neopost feature. For simple jobs, you just load the envelopes and inserts and press the start button to go. SI-62 measures the envelopes and enclosures, sets the folds to match and gets on with the job! And you can save Load ‘N Go® settings to make things even simpler next time.

Access all areas

Every part of the paper path is easy and safe to access. You’ll be back in action within seconds if production stops. Unlike many units that you need a technician to dismantle the machine just to remove a jam!

The screen that keeps things simple

Even specialized mailings are easy to set up. Graphics and straightforward text take you through every step and the display shows up to 9 stored job profiles, so that you can repeat a previous mailing at the touch of a button.

Powerfold® 5 – Great folds, great savings

Neopost’s unique PowerFold® creates a really crisp fold, combining inserts and nesting them together for a professional-looking mailing. It will also fold to fit smaller envelopes – important where mailing costs are based on size as well as weight.

The Neopost SI-62

  • Envelope output optimisation.
  • 2,200 inserts per hour.
  • Daily mail functionality for the processing of stapled documents.
  • Optional Optical Mark Reading (OMR) for client specific inserts.
  • Cascade functionality to minimize loading.
  • 9 Programmable jobs.
  • Many types of folds to choose from.
  • 5 Sheets per envelope folding and inserting capabilities.
  • Fold-only option.
  • Load ‘n Go for supremely easy operation.
  • Optional in-line franking.
  • Personalisation of mail.
  • Quiet and efficient.
  • Professional-looking mail pieces.
  • Easy loading.
  • Automatic settings.
  • Secure processing.


Suitable For: Mailroom / Print Room / Office
Paper Size: 90x356mm – 130x230mm – Common A4, A5, A6
Paper Weight: 60 – 250gsm
Fold Types: Letter, Z fold, Single, Double, No Fold
Sheets Per Minute: 36
Sheets Per Hour: 2200
Feed Tray Capacity: 325
Piece Counter: Yes
Feed Type: Friction
Hand or Automatic Feed: Automatic with Manual Bypass
Tyres: 2 x 25mm
Multiple Sheets (AKA Manual Bypass): Yes, up to 7 sheets
Conveyor for Exiting Paper: Yes
Auto Shut Off: Yes
Jam Detect: Yes
Reload Whilst Running: Yes
Dimensions W x D x H (mm): 939 x 482 x 558
Weight (Kg): 75
Extended Warranty Maintenance Available: Yes – Available
Special Features 1: DL & C5 Envelopes / Fold Only Option
Special Features 2: Seals Envelopes

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