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Neopost / Hasler DS-1000 Automated Direct Mail System w/ High Capacity Feeders, Inkjet Addressing, and a Vertical Stacker Input – 041322027001A

Direct Mail System Description

Neopost Model: E1560ZZ

S/N: OAE 50 18

The Neopost DS-1000 or Hasler PS-1000 is adaptable to process from a few pieces of mail per day up to high monthly volumes. Configuration options range from a simple 2 station machine to a highly sophisticated 16 station installation. All of this is possible at a fraction of the cost of competitors production Folder / Inserters.

Reconfiguring the machine can be accomplished in less than 2 hours, assuring the right module can be in place for the right assignment.
With its increased input and output capacity, the DS-1000 is perfectly sized to meet your requirements in terms of productivity. The high capacity sheet feeder and vertical envelope reception stacker enables you to maintain the highest level of efficiency – even when processing your most demanding mailing projects.
Requiring no manual setup, each feeder on the DS-1000 provides automatic calibration of any processed item. When its simple barcode / 20 barcode reading options, the DS-1000 can generate detailed identification files and reports to ensure that all documents have been correctly processed throughout the system.
The insert feeders of the DS-1000 can easily handle documents up to 5/32″
(4 mm) in thickness, allowing you to process more kinds of brochures and booklets.

Touch screen PC control Yes
Speed Up to 8,300/hour
Automatic job set-up Yes
Multiple sheet feeding Yes
Cascade from feeders Yes
Divert bin for documents Yes
Divert bin for envelopes Yes
Job memory No limitation
Documents feeder capacity Up to 2,000 or 5,000 (optional)
Envelopes feeder capacity Up to 1,000 or 2,000 (optional)
Fold types Letter, zigzag, single,
double parallel
Folding capacity Up to 8 sheets (20 lb)
Envelope conveyor Yes (600 envelopes)
Vertical stacker Yes (optional 1,500 envelopes)
Documents height Up to 16” (400 mm)
Documents weight 16 – 32 lb
Inserts height 4 1/8” – 5 13/16” (105-148 mm)
Inserts width 5 13/16” – 8 1/4” (148-210 mm)
Inserts weight 20 lb to 5/32” (4 mm) thick
Envelopes length 6 3/4” – 10 3/8” (171-263 mm)
Envelopes height 3.5” – 6 3/4” (89-171 mm)
Set thickness 5/16” (8 mm)