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Neopost DS-140 Folder Inserter – 071919085306


Neopost DS-140 Folder Inserter

Folder Inserter Description

Each feeder on the DS-140 provides automatic calibration of any processed item. This document security control requires no manual setup and ensures accurate processing of all documents.
The DS-140’s barcode-reading option with the latest reading technologies ensures seamless automatic document recognition of your documents now and in the future, including the ability to group documents produced by different computer applications. It also provides detailed identification files and reports to ensure that all documents have been correctly processed throughout the system.

Touch screen PC control Yes
Speed Up to 4,500/hour
Automatic job set-up Yes
Multiple sheet feeding Yes
Cascade from feeders Yes
Divert bin for documents Yes
Job memory No limitation
Hand feeding Yes
Documents feeder capacity Up to 500
Envelopes feeder capacity Up to 400
Fold types Letter, zigzag, single,
double parallel
Folding capacity Up to 8 sheets (20 lb)
Envelope conveyor Yes (optional)
Documents height 5.5” – 16” (140-406 mm)
Documents width 5.5” – 9” (140-228 mm)
Documents weight 16 – 32 lb (60-120 gsm)
Inserts height 3”- 6” (76-152 mm)
Inserts width 5.5” – 9.5” (140-242 mm)
Inserts weight 16 lb to 5/32” (4 mm) thick
Envelopes length 6” – 10 3/8” (152-264 mm)
Envelopes height 3.5” – 6.5” (89-165 mm)
Set thickness 1/4” (6 mm)

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