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Multigraf 252-Pile Stacker PST – 020823134047D

The Multigraf PST-52 Pile Stacker is an inline stacking solution that provides high quality stacking of paper. The PST-52 is equipped with two easily removable standard paper trolleys. Once the stack is full, users simply wheel out the full trolley, wheel in the second empty one and continue the production. Additional trolleys are available as option to improve the production. The PST-52 stacking device is a professional and high quality stacking device designed to increase total solution productivity.

The PST Stacker is of a modular design. It can be equipped with a basic infeed device for standard applications, one by one reception. The PST-Stackers are mainly used to receive paper, cardboard, PVCsheets, die cut sheets, etc. from machines such as laminators, ink-jet printing machines, digital printing engines and others.

P/N: 252.340-311
S/N: 31917

Max. 14A

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