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Morgana DigiFold Pro Paper Folding and Creasing Machine – 102523314001A

Model: 1758213S DigiFold Pro (UL)
S/N: 600934

As its name suggests the new Morgana DigiFold Pro incorporates the all new SmartScreen panel making it simpler to use and offering increased functionality for the user.

DigiFold has been one of Morgana’s best selling products since it was first introduced in 2001.

Over 1000 units were sold before the 5000P model was introduced at Drupa 2008. Offering greatly increased speed the 5000P has already sold nearly 500 units in less than 2 years demonstrating the need for a fast, accurate creaser/folder.

Despite all the efforts of our competitors, DigiFold is still the market leader and the product of choice for most digital printing professionals.

In addition to this significant feature improvement, we have once again used state of the art technology to increase its speed. The productivity of the DigiFold Pro has been increased by a very creditable 20% and will now crease and fold at 6000 sheets per hour while retaining the accuracy demanded by users of previous DigiFold models.

Yet again Morgana engineers have used innovative design and SmartScreen technology to produce what we are sure will be another “winner”.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum sheet size 27.5″ x 15″ (35.4″ x 15″ with optional extension table)
  • Minimum sheet size 8.2″ x 5.5″
  • Maximum paper thickness 0.015″ (approx 150lb cover)* including laminated material
  • Minimum paper thickness 0.004″ (approx 20lb bond)*
  • Maximum number of folds per sheet 2
  • Maximum number programmed applications Unlimited alpha numeric
  • Minimum repeat crease distance 1.57″
  • Minimum repeat fold distance 2.75″ (depending on paper weight)
  • Minimum crease distance from lead edge 1.96″
  • Minimum fold distance from lead edge 1.96″ (depending on paper weight) Minimum crease distance from tail edge 1.96″
  • Minimum fold distance from tail edge 1.96″ (depending on paper weight)
  • Minimum fold length 2.75″
  • Speed per hour (A4 in half) 6000 sph
  • Dimensions L 79.5″ x W 26.7″ x H 49.8″
  • Weight 419lb Power requirement 240v 50/60hz

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