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Morgana AutoFold Pro Automatic Paper Folder – 100623279003B

Model: 1858203S AutoFold Pro (UL)
S/N: 180220

Retail Price: $18,000.00

Paper Folder Description

The Morgana AutoFold Pro Automatic Paper Folder is designed specifically for the professional digital or litho printer who has the need to fold precreased sheets. The AutoFold is simply wheeled up to any Morgana or other manufacturer’s creaser to give perfectly folded results on a wide range of both digitally or litho printed stocks at a speed of 6240 sheets per hour.

Controlled by the same innovative 7″ SmartScreen panel, the AutoFold Pro is instructed how long the pre-creased sheet is and which fold to produce. All settings and adjustments are made using the New SmartScreen, making it easy to operate. An alpha-numeric memory allows an unlimited number of jobs to be stored and named as you choose. This makes job recall much easier as you can use your own job names and numbers for storage.

The beauty of the AutoFold Pro is its simplicity allowing the user of ANY manufacturer’s creaser to invest in one and to improve their productivity and quality immediately.

SmartScreen touch screen operation.
6240 sph.
Takes stock up to 0.015″ (approx 150lb cover)*.
Alpha-numeric memory.
Wheel up to any manufacturer’s creasing machine.
Highly versatile.
Long conveyor for longer sheets.
35.4″ x 15″ sheet length.

Paper Folder Specifications

Maximum sheet size: 35.4″ x 19.6″
Minimum sheet size: 8.2″ x 5.5″
Maximum paper thickness: 0.015″ (approx 150lb cover)* including laminated material
Minimum paper thickness: 0.004″ (approx 20lb bond)*
Maximum number of folds per sheet: 2
Maximum number programmed applications:Unlimited alpha numeric
Minimum repeat fold distance: 2.75″ (depending on paper weight)
Minimum fold distance from lead edge: 1.96″
Minimum fold distance from tail edge: 1.96″
Speed per hour (A4 in half): 6240 sph
Dimensions: L 66.9″ x W 26.7″ x H 48″
Weight: 282lb
Power requirement: 115v 50/60hz