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Morgana AutoCreaser Pro 50 – 081023266014A

Morgana AutoCreaser Pro 50 Automatic Vacuum Feed Perf Slit Score Creasing Machine

Creasing Machine Description

The Standard Morgana AutoCreaser Pro 50 provides a fast, effective way to channel score covers, cards or laminated material on sizes up to 19.7″ x 27.5″ virtually eliminating image cracking. This capability is especially important in high production digital color and print-on-demand environments. Simple operation, high productivity, and economical cost make the Standard Morgana AutoCreaser Pro 50 an excellent compliment to your finishing operation. The Standard Morgana AutoCreaser Pro 50TM is a fully automatic, suction feed channel scoring system designed for both digital and conventional offset printers.

Creasing Machine Features

Unique Design: The AutoCreaser Pro 50’s unique channel scoring action provides an ideal finish on substrates that are easily damaged using other methods. This is especially true in the case of the latest generation of ink or toner-based digital printing systems, where the use of rotary scoring often results in cracking of the stock and damage to the printed image. The Standard Morgana AutoCreaser Pro 50TM can handle sheet sizes up to 19.7″W x 27.5″L and sheet weights up to 150+ lbs. cover stock including laminated material. A convenient hand feed mode can be used to reliably crease even the most challenging stocks. Using an 81/2″ x 11″ sheet size, speeds of up to 8,500 individual creases per hour can be achieved.
Central Joystick Control: Programming and set-up is simple and fast using the joystick lever to control the prompts on the head-up LCD display.
Head-up Display: This easy to use display provides the operator with a series of prompts such as positioning of creases, speed of the machine, storing jobs, and counting, all with easy to use icon-based touch screen application.
Programming Function: Utilizing a simple programming function, the AutoCreaser Pro 50TM can place up to 16 scores per single sheet. The minimum distance between scores is 0.15″ (0.4mm) and it is possible to make microadjustments to 0.005″ (0.1mm). For often-repeated jobs, the AutoCreaser Pro 50TM can store 9 programs, each capable of up to 16 scores.
Superior Channel Scoring: The heavy-duty scoring blade and opposing channel, are mechanically controlled over their entire length, so that equal pressure is applied to the material and no damage or marking occurs. The operating action is also reversible for inverse scoring.
Precision Engineered: The side-lay alignment and suction chamber, which is built into the feed-table, ensures that every sheet is accurately timed and registered for precision scoring.
Unique Channel Scoring: Designed to handle the output of today’s digital color and black and white printing systems, the AutoCreaser Pro 50’s unique channel scoring process, unlike traditional rotary scoring systems, does not promote cracking of the paper fibers or break down of the printed image.

Creasing Machine Specifications

Feeding System: Bottom suction feed
Maximum Sheet Size: 19.7″W x 27.5″L
Minimum Sheet Size: 5.5″W x 6.3″L
Maximum Paper Weight: 150+ lbs. cover (400gsm)
Minimum Paper Weight: 20 lb. bond/70gsm
Maximum No. of Scores Per Sheet: 16
Maximum No. of Programmed Applications: 9
Minimum Repeat Score Distance: 0.15″ (0.4mm – depending on paper wt.)
Minimum Score Distance: From lead edge 1″ – From tail edge 0.78″
Speed Per Hour:* (8.5″ x 11″ sheet size) Up to 8,500 single scores Up to 4290 double scores
Speed Per Hour:* (11″ x 17″ sheet size) Up to 4,320 single scores Up to 2,880 double scores
Additional Features: Reversible creasing mechanism for inverse crease action, standard 56 tooth perf wheel and anvil, icon-based touch screen LCD display, joystick control set-up, 2 running speeds, batching capability, castor mounted.
Dimensions: 43″L x 27.5″W x 40″H (stored) – 70″L x 27.5″W x 40″H (with tray) – 72″L x 27.5″W x 40″H (with jogger)
Weight/Shipping Wght: 382 lbs./430 lbs.
Power: 230V, 60Hz, single phase, 15A

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