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Moore PS-4 Turbo Pressure Sealer w/ Hi-Cap Conveyor – 021122100910

Model: 4180

S/N: GAR 5190

Model: 4031 Conveyor

S/N: 757

This is the device you want for automatically folding, sealing, then stacking in order of pressure seal documents.

A common use of this machine is printing of checks to be mailed. The printed checks or snap packs or other pressure seal documents are loaded in the feeder, the machine then folds (adjustable for many different fold types and document sizes) and runs the folded check thru 2 high pressure stainless steel rollers to flatten and activate the pressure sensitive glue, permanently bonding the output into a USPS flat and stacking it nicely in the output stacker for easy traying in USPS trays or putting directly in the mail.

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